Wildflower School

Wildflower School

School District 8 (Kootenay Lake)

WFMS Raffle Winners

Check your tickets!

The winners are:

0486434 – Crystal Necklace

0486622 – Heart Necklace

0486542 – Food Basket

0487071 – Garden Basket

0486746 – Summer Fun Basket


Hoop Dancing

hoopsStudents are learning some Aboriginal hoop dancing today.


PAC Fundraiser

The Wildflower School PAC is continuing to fundraise with the vision of maintaining and adding on to the playground structures. Every dollar spent on a grocery card will go towards your groceries. Save-on Foods and the Kootenay Coop will contribute a percentage to our school based on the amount of cards that our school buys. Please download the Wildflower Grocery Card Order Form and return it to the office before May 30.


Measuring Lesson

measureLaurryn’s grade one group was learning about measuring. In this fun lesson, they first measured themselves, then figured out ‘how many students tall’ our building was!


Barbie and Ken Reimagined

sculptThe middle school art class did some ‘sculpting’ starting with doll forms. A variety of forms emerged, including super heros and other creations of their imaginations.


WFMS Raffle

raffleThe WFMS class is holding a raffle to help send some of the students to the Goodwill Shakespeare Festival (AKA Shakesfest) in Summerland. Shakesfest is a performing arts festival that the students have attended for the past several years.
The prizes, generously donated by local businesses and staff, are themed gift baskets. There are also two necklaces donated by Kolmel.

The tickets are $2 each, 5 for $6, or $15 for a ‘wing span’ of tickets. The students will be selling the tickets in the hall at lunch time and after school. If they are not there, you can get them from Anne in the office too.


Guitar Lessons

André van Berlo is hoping to start guitar lessons here at Wildflower after school in the 2nd or 3rd week of May. The lessons will be a fun, well paced and step-by-step guitar course for kids. He has been doing classes at Blewett School and they have been well received.

During this course the children are taught the basics of how to play guitar: holding the guitar, tuning, first chords, strumming, and more. Each guitar class takes about 1 hour and will be scheduled right after school on either Mondays or Thursdays at our school.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this course please download and check out the e-flyer here: http://geni.us/wildflowerguitar

For direct questions please email Andre at: andrevanberlo@gmail.com

Wildflower-Guitar-Program for more information.


Duck Bay Wetlands


Janet’s class visited Duck Bay on Nelson’s waterfront for the unveiling of the educational welcome sign they created that celebrates the area’s ecological significance, and plenty of new plant life along the shoreline.

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Law Day


Cheryl and Janet’s classes participate in Law Day at our local courthouse this weekend as part of Law Week. The students participated in a mock trial and got to see some of the inner workings of our legal system. Read more →