Wildflower School

Wildflower School

School District 8 (Kootenay Lake)

Duck Bay Wetlands


Janet’s class visited Duck Bay on Nelson’s waterfront for the unveiling of the educational welcome sign they created that celebrates the area’s ecological significance, and plenty of new plant life along the shoreline.

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Law Day


Cheryl and Janet’s classes participate in Law Day at our local courthouse this weekend as part of Law Week. The students participated in a mock trial and got to see some of the inner workings of our legal system. Read more →


Radius and Area

Cheryl’s class lesson and experimentation with radius and area.

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Upcoming Art Show

art show poster #3 (1)In the evening of Friday, April 29, there is an art show at the Kootenay Art therapy Institute at 191 Baker Street (2nd floor). This night is showcasing artwork from various groups and individuals run out of and through the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute (KATI). The show is an exploration of identity and the diversity of artists within our community. The show runs from 7-9 and at 7:30 a student of KATI will be hosting an open-mic night for any whose voice and or instrument is their main medium. As our school is winding down for the year, this art show gives us the opportunity to honour all the hard work and creativity of those that have created art while in relation to our school.




Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra Coming to Nelson

GVYO_MayTour_2016How do musicians celebrate? With music, of course!

The Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra wraps up its 30th Anniversary Season with a concert May 1st in Victoria, then showcases the talents of its celebrated – and celebrating – young musicians on tour.

A spirit of Collaboration: The GVYO will hold workshops with student music ensembles in Langley and Nelson, and the ensembles will join the GVYO in performance. In Kimberley a School Band will be the ‘opening act’ at the GVYO concert. The rewards are mutual: the host community benefits from all concert proceeds, not to mention great music! The student musicians have the chance to make music with a full symphony orchestra, partnered and mentored by their peers. As for the GVYO players, their musical outlook is enriched by repeated performances of repertoire in a variety of collaborative situations. And they experience first hand the wild beauty of southern BC, and the warmth of its people. Read more →


WFMS Headed to Shakesfest!

The Goodwill Shakesphere Festival is coming up and the WFMS grade 8 and 9 kids are going! The students are raising funds to help offset the cost of the trip. You can see the details here: Fundraiser

Each May nearly 350 students and their teachers descend upon the small town of Summerland ready to be involved in one of the richest possible learning experiences.  Although “Shakefest” (as the students like to call it) focuses on Shakespeare, it covers an array of subjects such as theatre, art, TV and Video, vocal, writing, improvisation, costume design, set design, acting, makeup and directing.  By participating in these workshops and learning about the theatrical process the students experience the transformative power of theatre and the arts. You can read more about the festival by clicking here.



Make it Move!

Laurryn’s group had a challenge to meet – “Make It Move” without touching it with your hands. The “It” was a toy car. The students had to get their car across the finish line without touching it with their hands – they were very creative in their methods!

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Notice from PAC – Facility Plan Meeting Tonight

Good Morning Wildflower Families!

I hope you enjoyed your wonderfully sunny weekend! I would like to provide you with an update and a reminder of tonight’s facility plan meeting.

First, I must take a moment to deeply acknowledge our entire community for the tireless (and sleepless!) hours of creativity and thought that has gone into this process. I am honoured to be amongst you all.

As a follow up to Friday night’s meeting, below is the modified N-30 scenario and a compilation of the answers we received from parents to the questions posted in the draft plan presentation. Read more →