Wildflower School

Wildflower School

School District 8 (Kootenay Lake)

Art Starts Mural Under Way!

Work started today on the new mural that will go up on the wall outside of the gym. Artist Amber Santos is working with the students to bring the concept to life.

Very exciting!


New Slack Line

The middle school kids are putting up a ‘slack line’ each day over the lunch break. It takes a lot of concentration to get from one end to the other!


photo (26)As part of a study on aboriginal pictographs, E ileen Perkes gives a presentation to Barb’s class.


The Middle School students performed and participated in the Good Will Shakespeare Festival (also known as Shakesfest) in Summerland last week. This festival provides secondary school students with the opportunity to meet and learn from a variety of internationally acclaimed actors, musicians, and artists.

Machines Everywhere!

Krista’s class has been busy researching, designing, and building simple and compound machines (levers, wheels and axles, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, and screws) .

I interviewed a few of the kids in her class to hear what they had to say about their projects and the process involved with making them.

“We’ve been learning about simple machines and then we built them out of anything that we could find, lots of found and recycled objects. We then built compound machines out of more than one simple machine, like a lever and a pulley. My favorite part was the building!”

-Gaelen and Mani

Quilting Project



Emily’s class has been busy with a quilting project. It turned out beautifully!

I interviewed a grade 6 student in Emily’s class, Dylan Meichel, to see what the project was about.

“We’ve been learning about slavery and then learned all the about the Underground Railroad and quilt codes. The slaves would use codes in their quilts to pass on information to other slaves. Learning about the Underground Railroad was a positive side about slavery, how slaves helped one another. It allowed for people to feel community and love.

And our (class) quilt tied off the end of this unit because we made it about community and love, which is what the slaves all wanted and fought for.

This project was very inspiring. I always thought that sewing was really simple but this showed me that sewing is really complicated. This made me really want to sew some more.”

Junior Dragon’s Den

dragonsTalia and Nathaniel from WFMS competed in the Junior Dragon’s Den on Friday May 1st.  They achieved third place and $500.00 for their business model and presentation entitled “Three Little Pigs”.  They were the only team from SD8 who qualified to compete at the event. Way to go!

Friday Middle School Lessons

Loads of fun and learning happening at the Friday workshops.

Science Fair 2015

Wildflower School was at the Science Fair on April 11, 2015. Well done!

ROV Group


We are a group who meets every Wednesday afternoon. We are building an underwater rover (ROV) and we are hoping to have it finished sometime in the spring. We will then test it in Kootenay Lake! Visit https://wildflowerrov.wordpress.com/ to stay up to date and see our progress.