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PAC Chair – Alison Cutts
PAC Treasurer – Meghan Paterson
PAC Secretary – Erin McConachie

Meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend!

What Does PAC Do?
This is a question we get sometimes get asked. While this list defines their role (it's from their constitution), the PAC is really so much more and of vital importance to our school! 

  1. To foster a good working relationship and open communication between teachers, staff, administration, and parents of all pupils both during and after school.
  2. To organize and coordinate extra-curricular activities for the students/families as mutually agreed upon by PAC and the staff.
  3. To earn money for the purpose of items deemed to be a desirable asset to the school, staff, and/or children that are not otherwise supplied by the school district.
  4. To help parents understand various programs and policies of the school and to provide input and advice to the staff and administration where beneficial.
  5. To act as a liaison between the community and the school.


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