SD8 Facilities Meeting

​The first part of the meeting will focus on SD8’s capital budgeting. The second part of the meeting will be a public forum with District Staff and representatives from Wildflower PAC to discuss Wildflower Nelson facilities. If there are any questions parents/guardians would like to submit to be answered by District Staff or PAC Representatives, please input your questions here: SD8 Nelson Facilities – Wildflower Forum Survey

4:00PM to 4:40PM - Presentation: Results of SD8’s 2020-2021 Capital Operations Plans
• 2020-2021 – Reviewing Facilities Projects Completed District-Wide
• 2021-2022 – Overview of prospective work under next year’s Capital Operations Budget
4:40PM to 4:45pm - Break
4:45PM to 6:00PM - Wildflower Nelson Facilities Forum
• Members of District Staff and Wildflower PAC Representatives will ask each other questions. Board Trustees will be present to listen and ask questions.
Passcode: 331344

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