Creston Wildflower

Wildflower has two campuses, one in Creston and one in Nelson. Wildflower Creston is a K-7 classroom, located in the Kootenay River Secondary School  building on 18 Avenue South.

The goal of the Wildflower curriculum and environment in Creston is to encourage self-esteem, self-confidence and joy of learning. The multi-age setting provides opportunities for leadership, interdependence, mentorship, and personalized learning. The classroom communities are nourished through daily circle time, place-based learning opportunities, collaborative group learning, and individual inquiry, with an emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking.

Interested in Attending Creston Wildflower?

Please click on the link of the same name on the home page of this website. It will link you to the Wildflower handbook, where you can see the application process and download the expression of interest form.

For more information, please contact the Wildflower Creston Principal, Laury Carriere at laury.carriere@sd8.bc.ca or by telephone at 250-428-4161

Welcome to Wildflower Creston https://youtu.be/2pV-t3BglCo