Wildflower Summer Garden Care

Please help us ensure that the grounds look colourful, inviting, and alive when the kids return to school in September. If you are able to volunteer, please sign up on the form here. If you can't do a whole week but still want to help, feel free to buddy up with someone to share the time.

1) Watering - All our gardens have an automated irrigation system of one kind or another, meaning that you don’t have to water. Your job is to check and see if it seems to be working. If any of the beds look like they need more water than the irrigation system is delivering, you can water them using the big hose on the hose reel with the spray nozzle. The tap is inside the garden shed. 
Checking the system: There might be places where the spaghetti line has become detached or a stake holding the line has fallen over or needs to be moved to get more water to a certain plant. Please have a look around to see if anything looks amiss and try to fix it. 

2) Weeding - If you have time, please weed any of the classroom annual beds (raised beds by the field), the perennial beds, and the medicine wheel. If weeds are green and have not yet gone to seed, they can go in the compost. If they are seedy, put them in the garbage. 

3) Harvesting - Some things will ripen during the summer- eg. blueberries. Please feel free to munch on them as your reward for working. If there is a significant volume of something, please put what you’ve picked into a ziploc bag and throw it in your freezer until the fall so the students can see what was produced and cook with it. What we don’t want is good food to go to waste. Anything that can wait until September to be harvested should be left for the kids. Thanks!

4) Compost - If you have time out there in the garden, please grab one of the pitchforks and turn over and water the three compost bins so that they can keep working their decomposing magic. At times we believe neighbors use the composts as well and place decomposing bags in the bins. These unfortunately do not seem to break-down very quickly and slow the composting. Please remove and place it in the garbage.

5) Other - If you see anything else that needs doing, eg. deadheading, picking off caterpillars, feel empowered to go ahead and do it!

Kirsten & Jeff are happy to answer any questions and are available in the summer if you have any troubles.