When Your Child is Ill

If your child will be absent from school, or they will be late, please let us know online at https://wildflower.sd8.bc.ca/absence-late (preferred). You may also call the school office at 250-505-7020.

Already as a community we have had to navigate the realities of having children and/or staff home with illness. We are thankful to everyone for taking the realities of unforeseen illness seriously and following the protocols. As you may be aware,  “stuffy/runny nose” and a few other symptoms were removed from the provincial health-check screening tool and that has created some confusion. As well, the COVID self-assessment along with advice provided by practitioners as the 811 number may still utilize “stuffy/runny nose” etc. as a basis for recommending a COVID test. 
The overarching protocol is that no one comes to school when they are sick. They have to be healthy to be at school. If a child wakes up with a stuffy nose or diarrhea or a headache or whatever symptom, then they are not well. If it doesn’t resolve itself within 24 hours, then call 811. If it does resolve itself and they are healthy, then they can come to school.  

  • From the BCCDC Public Schools document: If symptoms include fever, or if after 24 hours symptoms remain unchanged or worsen, seek a health assessment. A health assessment can include calling 8-1-1, a primary care provider like a physician or nurse practitioner, or going to a COVID-19 testing centre.

When they are at school, if a child tells a teacher they are feeling sick, they come to the office and we call home for pick-up.

We need to remember that by keeping ourselves or our children home when sick, ultimately improves the health and care of the entire Wildflower community. There are ripples as more children miss school due to sickness and/or staff members become sick. We can limit the transference of illness, not just of COVID-19, but also other illnesses by staying home when sick, following good hygiene, physically distancing, etc.  If we all focus on taking care of our health and sustaining healthy habits, the whole Wildflower community benefits. 

Many thanks for everyone's efforts, patience, and understanding.