Stage Roof is UP!

The garden stage roof is officially up and off the ground. While it would be nice to have a big stage party, we can’t right now and a virtual one would be strange. We will all need to just celebrate in our hearts and minds. 

A huge thank you to Mike Hood and Gabe Sawatzky who were the main impetus behind bringing this project to fruition. 

A thank you to our tremendous Wildflower PAC who supported and purchased all the materials for the project. 

Thank you also to Bruce MacLean, Director of Operations, Russel Warwick, Health and Safety Officer, and Dr. Christine Perkins, Superintendent, for helping to support the logistics on the School District 8 end of things. 

Finally, a thank you to all our parent and student volunteers, who safely and efficiently brought the roof to a fully installed state in one push on Saturday, May. 01, 2021. Our volunteers consisted of Jordan Dupuis, Adrian Hoover, Tobias Gray, Stephanie Collinson, Ella Callidine, Steven Cretney, and Candice and Illa Mangione.

The outdoor classroom will certainly get a ton of use in the remainder of the year and into the future!