Principal's Message - Back to School

By Misty Terpstra, Principal Wildflower School

Hi all,

I wholeheartedly welcome each of you to Wildflowers 2021-2022 school year! The entire school staff has missed you and look forward in connecting with each of you again and some for the first time – just like me. The custodial staff has done a tremendous job to make our school glisten and shine. Teachers have been in to set up and have created the most welcoming environment for your learning pleasure. Regarding Covid protocols, there have been some changes for you to be aware of upon re-entering our school community and are highlighted below. Something important to lean into this year is that they are less imposing in some language and practice from past but do meet the safety measure for a learning environment albeit extending. In this, we continue to be encouraged by the support of our parents and school community in assisting in these efforts.

Here’s what you need to know that is new this year:

· Masks continue to be required for all staff and students grades 4 and up. If students who are younger and want to wear a mask please feel free as this is a family decision.

· There will no longer be learning groups/cohorts. Students can now play together with their friends and siblings. However, some movements will be coordinated to reduce the number of close contacts between students.

· Field trips are now permitted, as are guests and performances inside the school, with all Covid protocols in place. (We want to slowly bring about some of these stretches to ensure comfort / readiness and will be easing into such experiences).

· We will now be using the phrase, “Spread out and use space”. Students are encouraged to social distance, if possible, particularly indoors.

What we are keeping from last year:

· Students and Staff will continue with regular hand-washing and hand-sanitizing.

· Parents must continue with conducting daily health checks before sending their child to school.

· Parents are encouraged to make an appointment before entering the school. All students leaving for appointments, those that are sick and/or being picked up for whatever reason, etc, will need to be picked up at the office.

· Any adult/guest entering the building must wear a mask and sign in at the office.

· If your child is sick, even if it is mild, please refrain from sending them to school.

· Students will line up in bus lines after school; parents can pick up students from the outside.

· Seedlings will come to school by gradual entry. Please refer to your email sent to you by those Teachers.

· For the month of September, we ask that students enter as they did last year at their assigned entrance. Teachers and staff will greet all and walk the class to their room. More information regarding this will be posted on the school’s website shortly.

The following links will provide you with more information from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and the B.C.Centre for Disease Control.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

With care,

Ms. Misty Terpstra

Principal, Wildflower (Nelson and Creston)

By Misty Terpstra, Principal Wildflower School


My name is Misty Terpstra the new Principal of Wildflower (Creston and Nelson). Personally, I have a partner Paul (an Operating room Nurse) and am a mother of two amazing kids – Poppy (10 years old) and Summit (8 years old). We together, enjoy our acreage overlooking a valley with a multitude of pets – valuing our time outside and being active as a family. I have been in education for 15 years, working in a variety of schools throughout the Kootenay’s. Passions that I hold throughout my education journey are these: inquiry, thematic planning, land-based pedagogy and multi-age learning. As a school leader, I have previously been in the role of Vice Principal for three years within the Salmo Family of Schools and at Trafalgar. In this role, I value open, honest, and direct communication, collaborative approaches, and seek to hear all voices.  I am also committed in doing the work of Reconciliation, in modeling a respectful workplace culture and in moving forward together to meet the needs of the whole child. A year ago, I completed my master’s degree in Education from the University of British Columbia in which I focused on Leadership through an Indigenous Worldview, Professional Development, and Artography. I greatly, look forward to this upcoming school year and in leading from the heart and with hope.