Allergies in the School

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),   

This e-mail is to inform you that we have students in our school that have potentially life-threatening allergies related to insect stings and food-related allergies (anaphylaxis) specifically allergies to peanuts and nuts.  The food allergies of students/staff at this point in time do not require us to be “peanut-free” as a school.  However, it is important that we exercise awareness of these food allergies as a school community. 

Prevention is definitely the best approach.  We feel the best way to reduce the risk of accidental exposure to these students is to ask for the co-operation of all our families.  To reduce the chance of a child being exposed unnecessarily we ask that everyone educate their child regarding food allergies and peanut allergies in specific.  This is good information for all of us to hold as members of any community.  Please review the attached Interior Health Allergy Aware School Plan handout for more information on helping create a safer school environment.

Bee Hive (Nelson Site)

At the Nelson site, we are working toward reactivating our “observational beehive” after it failed in the Spring of last year. 

The observational beehive is located in our Seedlings class.  There are tremendous educational benefits to having our own hive in the school.  In fact, the Wildflower school community was instrumental in opening up the process of having observational hives located in other schools across the district.  The school staff appreciates that parents and/or guardians may have concerns/inquiries around the safety and management of an “observational beehive”.  The following link provides comprehensive information on both the benefits and considerations taken to ensure the safe installation and maintenance of hives in schools.

Please don’t hesitate to forward any questions and or concerns to Sacha Kalabis, Principal of Wildflower School – email:, or phone: 250-551-0638.  

Your cooperation and understanding of these matters is appreciated.


Yours truly,



Sacha Kalabis

Principal, Wildflower School

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