2021-22 Grocery Card Fundraiser

2021/2022 Wildflower School 
Grocery Card Fundraiser 

Free Money for the School - Please Sign Up!
Did you know that the money raised from the grocery cards helps fund major improvements to our outdoor spaces? Wildflower PAC, alongside school and SD8 staff, has begun collaborating on a multi-functional Outdoor Learning & Playground Improvements project.  An Outdoor Spaces Committee has created a series of phases that will be implemented over the next two years (if funds are available and district approvals are obtained).  


Phase 1:  Enhance garden area and create outdoor learning spaces

  • Enhance the garden area and build wood benches (funded)
  • Build outdoor classroom (gazebo) and outdoor seating - North corner of the property (next priority)
  • Proposed design of roof over the existing stage (completed)

Phase 2:  Create a corridor around the Central Building

Phase 3: Expand and build natural outdoor space, court area in current and parking area.

The Grocery Card fundraiser is an easy way for you to help!
When you order grocery cards, every dollar you spend goes towards your groceries, so it costs you nothing to help. Save-on-Foods and the Kootenay Co-op donate 7 to 8% to our school based on the value of cards that our school buys.  

How does it work?

  • Order grocery cards online using the form at https://forms.gle/TDZ9ksWGha3T6ZXh8
  • Grocery cards are ordered/delivered once a month. You pick what months you want (e.g. a monthly recurring order) or you can submit one-time orders as you wish. 
  • Payment can be made by Interac e-transfer, post-dated cheques, cash, or credit card (you will be emailed a payment request after you sign up). Payment by credit card is the least preferred as we lose 3.4 % in processing fees. However, a credit card order is better than no order. Payments are processed once a month with grocery cards available for pick-up shortly after.
  • Grocery cards are delivered to the school each month - they are for the full amount you paid. You can pick them up or have them sent home with your child. Notification is emailed to you when the cards are available.
  • Buy your groceries using the cards

If you need to change or cancel your order, you can do so at any time by emailing groceries4wildflower@gmail.com

The grocery card fundraiser is administered by the Wildflower Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).


2021/2022 Wildflower School Grocery Card Fundraiser 

What are the order, payment and pickup dates for 2021/2022?

Order and Payment deadlines are the 1st of each Month (November through June)

Pickup Dates will be approximately 1 week later with cards being delivered to the school so Anne can distribute to kids if that option was chosen. Alternately, parents can connect with Anne to arrange card pick-up at the school.

How will the money raised be used?

The money raised from the grocery cards via Wildflower PAC helps fund a variety of requests made by students, staff and parent lead initiatives that are all centered around the enrichment of our school within the classroom, the extended learning spaces, outdoor equipment & spaces and field trips.  Some examples of what PAC has funded is the recent addition and make-over of our front entrance and round learning space.  The outdoor garden structure over the stage area was completed at the end of June last year. PAC supports the middle school in their annual trip to Shakesfest, supporting classroom materials and equipment for the betterment of student learning, providing funding for outdoor experiences and saving for playground expansion.

Requests are considered on an individual basis by those parents attending regular monthly PAC meetings.  The requests are summarized, questions proposed and answered, then a motion is created and voted on by all those present.  This then provides an outcome of whether the request will be funded. 

What Does PAC Do?
The PAC is composed of Wildflower parents who have volunteered their time in support of the whole school community.  The following list defines PACs' role from their constitution, but PAC is really so much more and of vital importance to our school!  This fundraiser helps PAC raise money for the school that would not otherwise be supplied by the school district.
1. To foster a good working relationship and open communication between teachers, staff, administration and parents of all pupils both during and after school.

2. To organize and coordinate extra-curricular activities for the students/families as mutually agreed upon by PAC and the staff.

3. To earn money for the purpose of items deemed to be a desirable asset to the school, staff and/or children that are not otherwise supplied by the school district.

4. To help parents understand various programs and policies of the school and to provide input and advice to the staff and administration where beneficial.

5. To act as a liaison between the community and the school.

PAC meets once a month and all parents are welcome to join.

How can I pay?

You can pay by e-transfer, cash, cheque, or credit card. 

For e-transfer payment, we will send you an Interac e-transfer request via email each month, which you will need to accept to make payment each month.

If paying by credit card, an invoice will be sent by PAC to your email with link to secure payment form;  you can choose to allow the secure payment processor (SquareTM) to save your card on file so you don’t have to enter your card information each month.  Payment by credit card is least preferred as we lose 3.4 % in processing fees; this means your order raises less money than the same order paid by other methods. However a credit card order is better than no order, the larger the order, the more money is raised.

Cheques to ‘Wildflower School PAC’ (preferably post-dated for the first of every month) or cash can be dropped off at school. Please place in an envelope with the completed order form.

Can payment be made by direct debit (aka CAFT)

At this time we are not setup to take direct debit, also known as customer automated funds transfer (CAFT).   We are investigating moving to a direct debit system in the future.

Do the grocery cards expire?

None of the grocery cards have expiration dates. BC has specific laws prohibiting expiration dates on grocery cards.

Can the grocery cards be used online?

No - both Save on Foods and the Kootenay Co-op online store only take credit card payments.

Can I use a partial amount of the grocery card?

Yes, you can purchase any amount the remaining balance will remain on the card. Typically the cashier will write the remaining amount on the card so you know how much is left.  It is also printed on your receipt.

What happens if I lose my grocery cards?

Grocery Store policy is that cards are equivalent to cash and cannot be tracked.  Wildflower and PAC are not responsible after the cards are in you or your child’s possession.

Can I return my grocery cards if I find I’m not using them?

We want this program to work well for everyone involved. If you purchased some grocery cards and find that you are no longer shopping at that store and not using the cards, contact groceries4wildflower@gmail.com to discuss options. We may be able to exchange the grocery cards for a different store.

What happens if my grocery card doesn't work?

This has not happened to date, but if it does contact groceries4wildflower@gmail.com and we will assist you.

Will I receive my store reward points (e.g. Air Miles, More Rewards, etc.) if paying by grocery card?

Yes, store reward points are given when making your purchase with the grocery cards (not when the school buys the grocery cards).

What stores can I buy cards from - and are you adding more?

We are currently selling cards from the Kootenay Co-op and Save-On Foods. Once this fundraiser is established, we may approach other stores.

When do I get charged?

For e-transfers, you will receive a e-transfer request from Wildflower PAC on or right after the first of every month. For credit cards, you will either receive an invoice on or right after to the first of every month, or, if you have saved your credit card details on Square, you will be charged on or right after the first of every month.   If there is a problem with your payment, we will contact you. 

How and When do I get my cards?

Cards can be picked up at the Wildflower School office or sent home with your child.  We will email notification to let you know when the cards will be sent home, or to arrange a pickup date (compatible with Covid protocols).

Can someone else pick up my cards for me?

Yep. Just let us know by emailing groceries4wildflower@gmail.com

When do I order?

Orders can be received anytime up to the payment deadline (see question 1).  If you select the boxes for each month, then you only need to put in one order for the entire year.

How do I change or cancel my order?

Yes, if received prior to the order/payment deadline. Just let us know by emailing groceries4wildflower@gmail.com

Do I have to make an order – can’t I just buy cards when I need them?

Because we receive such a small amount for each card sold, the best way to raise money is to have recurring orders.   

I can’t make a regular order – how can I participate?

You can make a one-time order at any time for any month.

Will I get a tax receipt?

The Wildflower PAC is not a registered charity so we cannot provide a tax receipt for the money raised with this fundraiser. 

Do Credit Card payments get charged automatically?

This depends on if you click the "Save Card on File" option when you pay the first invoice.    If you do, then Square will save your card information and take an automatic payment each month on the due date.  If you don't, then you will receive an emailed invoice each time and you can pay the invoice manually when you are ready.  So in other words, you get to choose :-)