Interested in Attending Wildflower?


Are you interested in having your child attend Wildflower School?

Please read our School Handbook to learn more about us.

If you are interested in having your child attend our school, you can be added to our contact list (please fill out the form below) so we can keep you up to date about potential openings in our school as well as any upcoming information sessions. If you child is of school age, or will be school age this fall, please also fill out this Statement of Interest form and return it to us.

If your child is approaching Kindergarten age, please note that you may register them at your catchment area school anytime (Although Wildflower is a program choice, it is also considered a catchment area school for registration purposes. Please note that registering at Wildflower does not guarantee a space at the school). If you are unsure which school that is, you can go to

You can find more information and the School District 8 registration form on the main SD8 Website

The Board of Education of School District 8 (Kootenay Lake) requires the parent or legal guardian(s) to produce the following documentation for their child at the time they register that child in School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake):

  • Proof of British Columbia residency (including proof of physical address);
  • The student’s official birth certificate;
  • Parent’s Applicable Immigration / Citizenship / Permanent Resident documentation;
  • Contact information for school child previously attended;
  • Legal guardian(s), custody or court orders document, when applicable; and
  • Student’s BC Care Card.