Wildflower PAC Letter to Parents

Dearest Wildflower Parents,

As I am sure you have heard, the recent Facility Plan update revealed Scenario N-23 which suggests the closure of Central School, DESK moving to LVR, Wildflower moving to Trafalgar in its existing configuration and Reach moving to South Nelson.

We need to come together as a team and make it clear that is is NOT a viable scenario for our school. In order to be heard and to share with the School Board, what we DO want, we need your help!

Please take these steps to stand up for our school:

  1. Go to the SD8 website and review information presented at the February 24th community meeting. We were promised that info would be posted today (March 3), info is not posted as of 10am so please keep checking.
  2. Read and SIGN  the letter drafted by PAC to submit to the Facility Plan Committee. (This is preferred. The more letters we have the better!) OR, if you don’t have time, sign petition at the office.
  3. Email facilities@sd8.bc.ca and share your opinion directly.
  4. Attend our meeting with Kim Morris next Wednesday March 9th at 3:30pm. We are going to ask questions and share our concerns. (We are currently trying to arrange child care so that you may bring your kids. If you are willing to help with this, please respond to this email and let me know).
  5. Check your email for information regarding a meeting with Nelson Trustees we are trying arrange for Thursday March 10th in the evening. OR email our Nelson Trustees with your concerns:

Bill Maslechko bmaslechko@sd8.bc.ca

Curtis Bendig curtis.bendig@sd8.bc.ca

Bob Wright bwright@sd8.bc.ca

  1. Join DPAC’s Facebook page and share your concerns with DPAC. They will fight for us!

If nothing else, please sign and submit a letter. Please have all parents/caregivers sign!


Thank you so much for your time on this important issue,

Cate Baio

PAC Chair


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