Traffic Safety

Our school is a busy place, with active and excited students going about their day. The safety of your children is of utmost importance to us, in and out of school.

Recently, there was a near miss around the school (Nelson Wildflower) with a student and a vehicle coming up the street. We don’t know if it was one of our students, or a student from a neighboring school, but we wanted to take the opportunity to put out a reminder about road and traffic safety.

Please take a few moments to discuss this with your child. They may know the rules, but sometimes in their excitement, they can forget. We will also be reinforcing the message at the school.

A few points for discussion include:

Traffic Safety Rules (from

• Look all ways before you cross the street. Cars can come around corners really fast. They also drive very fast and you must be very sure it is safe, before crossing the street.
• Keep away from Parked cars. People driving cars can’t see people in between other cars. They expect people to be at corners.
• Ride your bike safely ~ Obey signs and signals. I bet you can ride your bike safely. Do you remember all the proper signals to turn and stop? I am sure that you know what the big street signs and traffic lights mean too! Then with your helmet on, you are riding your bike safely.
• Play in a safe place away from the street. Streets are for cars. Parks are for playing. You can also play safe in your yard with mom or dad.
• Walk when you cross the street. Do you know why you should walk when you cross the street? It is easier for the drivers of the vehicles to see you. It is also safer so that you don’t fall down.
• Where there is no sidewalk, walk on the left, facing traffic. Of course, it is always best to use a sidewalk. Do you have streets with no sidewalks in your neighborhood? Then always walk facing traffic and watching traffic. That way, if you see a vehicle coming and the driver does not seem to see you … you can always move over. Don’t take a chance, move safely over and give lots of room between you and the car.

The BCAA website ( also provides a number of great resources for parents and educators.

Traffic, pedestrian safety, and parking are also important discussion points amongst our PAC (Parent Advisory Committee). The PAC, school staff, and district operations are engaging the city of Nelson in conversations on how we can better manage these items around Central school. If you would like to be a part of the discussion or have any questions please don’t hesitate to be in touch with myself (Sacha Kalabis – Principal) or your school PAC representatives.

Please remember to slow down in all school zones, and take extra care when dropping off or picking up your child. As you may know, the School Board Office is now upstairs in our Nelson location and the parking lot is busier than ever with cars coming and going. Please do not park in the school lot at any time, including the spaces outside of the gym. There is a pick up and drop off area along Stanley Street, and parking in the residential areas.

Thanks for your help in keeping everyone safe.