Safety Drills

As you know, we practice a number of safety drills at school, including fire, earthquake, hold and secure, and lockdown drills to ensure that students and staff are prepared in the event of an emergency.  While most of you are familiar with fire and earthquake drills, you may not be as familiar with ‘Lockdown’ or ‘Hold and Secure’. Below you will find more information about these drills. Safety drills can sometimes cause anxiety in students and we request that parents discuss them with their children. Please reassure them that emergencies in schools are rare and that drills are for their safety – just like the fire drills that they are used to.

Lockdown is used when there is an immediate threat to the school (i.e. school intruders).  Lockdown minimizes the intruders’ access to the school and secures staff and students in rooms.  As part of this procedure, everyone must remain silent in rooms until the situation has been declared safe by an authorized person (i.e. principal or police personnel). Please note that during a lockdown it is important that students do not use cell phones – this is to ensure the safety of our students.

Hold and Secure is a procedure which keeps students secure inside a school when something such a gas leak, weather, unsafe animals or persons outside of the school is threatening the general community.  During a hold and secure procedure only authorized people may enter the school. All doors will be locked and a notice posted indicating that the school is in a hold and secure situation. This procedure allows school activity to continue as normal during the outside disruption until the threat is cleared.

A lockdown or hold and secure situation may occur on any day and at any time, including the beginning or the end of the school day.  A lockdown or hold and secure situation may last for several hours.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.