Be Prepared for Cold Winter Travel

A student from the Social Services Worker Program, Selkirk College, Castlegar, BC, stopped by recently in an effort to make everyone more aware of the dangers of travelling in the cold weather. He had personal experience when a loved one’s trip to the store almost turned deadly. Be safe out there, everyone!

A short, quick trip to the store, you wouldn’t think required much planning.  A sudden snow storm, foggy, cold weather, icy roads.  It only takes a second for something to go wrong.  Please be prepared for cold weather travel.  It may save your life or the lives of your loved ones. 

 Safety Checklist:

  • Dress per the weather, with layers and use blankets, be cautious of bulky winter clothing in car seats (this may jeopardize proper seat belt fit) in the event of an accident this can prevent car seat ejection and or hypothermia.
  • Keep your cell phone fully charged and in your pocket. In an accident, it can become a flying object and hard to reach or find.
  • Always keep: flashlight, blankets, candles, waterproof matches, water at the least or a thermos with a warm drink, and granola bars.
  • Turn your “LOCATIONS” on, on your cell phone.
  • Plan your route and share with people, departure and expected arrival times.
  • Pack extra socks, boots, gloves, snow-pants, hats, change of clothes etc.