PAC Needs You!

Hello Parents of Wildflower,
PAC is looking for volunteers for the following roles in order to move forward with fundraising for our children. If you are able to support then please be in touch with the contacts provided.
Wildflower PAC

1. PAC seeking Volunteer experienced in e-commerce to assist Grocery Card program. Grocery Cards are one of the easiest ways the PAC can fund raise for your school. PAC is looking at ways to streamline the grocery card program so that orders and payments can be taken online. We are looking for a volunteer with e-commerce experience to provide advice to a small working group. In particular we seek experience with website order forms, “Square” payment processing and Customer Automated Funds Transfer for recurring orders/payments.
Please contact Mark Tinholt  250 777 1218

2. Our annual Christmas Fundraiser where we sell local honey, candles and Oso coffee is needing someone or a group of people to organize and distribute. If you are interested in supporting this fundraiser please be in touch with Alison Cutts for further direction.   ~

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