Online Safety for SD8 Students

Social media hoax reminds parents to address online safety with their children

Recent concerns related to students and their interactions on social media have prompted the Kootenay Lake School District to remind parents about online safety. A viral hoax, called the Momo challenge has been making headlines creating concern amongst parents., an organization that delivers mandated provincial Violence Threat Assessment & Prevent Bullying Training to schools in Canada, has released an alert that specifically addresses the risk and details around the Momo challenge. You may view it here: Safety Alert – Momo Challenge

At this time, SD8 Kootenay Lake School District has not had any reports of students in our area who have direct links with the Momo phenomenon, but we have had reports of several students talking about the subject and/or making reference to it. It is currently being shared widely on social media platforms and several media sources are also now covering the story, which has added to its popularity.

We encourage parents and caregivers to take this opportunity to talk to your children about the internet, online safety and the importance of reporting any online behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable.
District Safe Schools Coordinator, Scott Rothermel agrees that the best way to handle this trend is to talk to your students about their presence online so that they know how to deal with inappropriate material and how to protect themselves. Rothermel will be offering more Digital Parenting Workshops this spring at Trafalgar Middle and LVRogers Secondary – further details will be posted on the district website once confirmed.

“The safety of our students is paramount, both online and in the classroom.” says Superintendent Dr. Christine Perkins.
Parents with further concerns or questions around online safety can email

Separating Fact from Fiction on the Momo Challenge