Lantern Festival

The 2019 Polka Dot Dragon Lantern Festival was a great success on Feb. 17th (Sunday). Under an almost full moon, Taghum Beach was lite up with a beautiful array lanterns, lights, illuminated Spirit Bear, illuminated dragon, dancers and the Nelson Samba band. Nick Shave’s class contributed to the line of illuminated spawning Salmon across the shores of Kootenay Lake and the Wildflower middle school classes contributed with their sale of hot chocolate for all of the participants and passersby!

So grateful to Myra that the WFMS was given a chance to get involved and raise some funds. The students were terrific ambassadors for this event, too. Thanks to the parents (particularly Tom and Jodi Dool) for unwavering support of their learners. Thanks to Nicole LeBihan for connecting WF with this community event!