Hot Lunch Ordering Open for January – March

Hello Parents

Ordering is now open for lunches using Lunches for the winter term are being offered on Tuesday and Wednesday until spring break.  Sushi is back every second Tuesday, alternating with either Mac and Cheese or Thai-rice noodle salad, both offered by Frantastic Foodz.  On Wednesdays, will offer salad bar alternating with a warm rice bowl with a selection of protein and veggie toppings. For more information regarding menu and suppliers see below.

Orders are due on Friday, January 10.  First lunch will start on January 14. Ordering will be closed throughout the session and will not be accepted past January 17. If you are already registered simply go to and login to orderIf you have not yet registered your family, you will need to go to the Landing page provided for our school below.


  • Go to:
  • Click the “Register Here” button (as shown below). The system will guide you through
  • After adding your children, click the green “Order Lunch!” button to order
  • Next time, just click the “Login Here” button to access your account.

 If you need assistance with ordering, or do not have access to the internet,  please contact Carol Wallace at

Please note if your child is ill on a lunch date, you are welcome to come and pick up their lunch by 11:45am; otherwise please consider it a donation for a child who does not have a lunch. We appreciate your support for our lunch program as the funds go towards playground, fieldtrips and general fundraising within the school.

We are in need of Volunteers to help serve lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.  There is a Volunteer page in the online system where you can checkmark which dates you are available.  The lunch coordinator will then contact you with a proposed schedule.  We can only offer a lunch program if we have Volunteers!

Our thanks to the Wildflower parent community for supporting this important fundraiser and to our wonderful Volunteers who help make this program a success! Also, thank you to all parents who completed the on-line lunch survery!

Fantastic Foodz: Local catering company.

Mac and Cheese- One serving includes 8oz portions. Contains wheat and dairy. Vegetarian.

Thai Rice Noodle Salad- Vegan and gluten free. Ingredients: Rice noodles, carrots, red pepper, green onion, cilantro, tofu, sesame seeds. Dressing: sesame oil, olive oil, ginger root, red chili flakes, soy sauce, rice vinegar, lime juice, sugar, sea salt. Served cold (also served at Oso Negro or Ellison’s market if you want to sample).

Real Good Foods: is the catering moniker of Wildflower mama Andria Green. She focuses on supporting local farmers and producers to create nourishing meals made with care for families and events. Andria will be working to balance affordability and sustainability by sourcing select ingredients locally and organically and by reaching out to our local community for support.

Salad Bar- a bed of greens with your choice of lots of fresh veggies, simple side salads and toppings, and a selection of dressings. Gluten and other allergens well labelled.

Rice Bowl- a scoop of rice with your choice of fresh and cooked veggies, vegetarian or meat protein side dishes, and a variety of fun toppings and sauces.

CC’s Sushi-located in Robson, supplies several schools and retailers (Co-op, and Save-On)

Veggie-carrot, avocado and cucumber roll

California-crab, avocado and cucumber roll

Comes with soya sauce, ginger and wasabi.