Halloween and Thriller

Halloween can be a wonderful time of celebration and fun for kids and families. At Wildflower we want to celebrate the fun, the excitement and the creativity of Halloween.
The staff and students have decided to perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” again this year. The performance is being planned for Oct. 30th at approximately 12:15 pm. The students that are interested in this have already started practices at the end of each school day. This is an optional event and not obligatory for all students to participate in, specifically our younger students. We are thrilled to have Lucas Meyers helping the staff and students to orchestrate this fun group performance.
Performance: Flash mob “Thriller”
Date: Oct. 30th (approximately 12:15)
Location: Baker Street
Practices: End of day at 2:30 pm in the gym (for participating students)
As Halloween approaches it is an opportune time to outline the expectations we have about what costumes may be worn at school. All costumes must be respectful and not include any weapons. If you are not sure if your costume is appropriate, please forward any questions to Sacha Kalabis, Principal of Wildflower School at skalabis@sd8.bc.ca. We look forward to another fun Halloween at Wildflower school this year.

What is Thriller on Baker? Here is the video from a few years ago.

Thriller on Baker Street!