Creston Wildflower “Metis Kitchen Party”

Creston Wildflower students participated in a “Metis Kitchen Party” with Amy Cross on April 26. This fast paced morning was filled with hands on learning fun! As some of our students have already researched the fur trade and many other related Metis experiences, this experience was an enrichment to previous learning in Social Studies.

· Students were introduced to the Metis history and culture through oral teaching and hands on learning.
· Students discovered and practiced many practical uses for the Metis sash.
· Students examined many types of furs – bison, fox, squirrel, mink, ermine, beaver
· Students learned about trapping culture and witnessed several types of traps set and sprung. (safety first!)
· Students learned how to play the spoons and how to dance the Metis Jig
· Students observed Bannock making and celebrated with a cultural pot lunch including elk stew, huckleberry bannock and all our own family favourite lunch items.