Creston Education Centre

The Board of Education of SD8 – (Kootenay Lake), the Town of Creston, and the Regional District of Central
Kootenay Electoral Areas A, B and C are pleased to announce that they have agreed on a collaborative
solution for the Creston Education Centre and associated programming, as well as the lands and premises
located at 1607 and 1621 Canyon Street.

SD8 Chairperson, Lenora Trenaman, says, “The Town of Creston, with the support of the RDCK Electoral
Areas A, B and C, made an offer to purchase the Creston Education Centre and the Board of Education SD8
– (Kootenay Lake) has accepted it. We are thrilled to be able to continue with the programs we currently
have and they will remain hosted in the CEC. The School District No. 8 programs include Creston Homelinks,
Creston Wildflower, Strong Start and our Itinerant services. Thank you to the community of Creston for
sharing their letters, attending our public meetings, and letting us know how important our programs are
to you.”

Mayor Toyota says, “This solution represents a win for all parties involved and most importantly the
community at large. It would not have been possible without the support and efforts of the participating
RDCK Electoral Area Directors. The importance of retaining CEC as an education hub cannot be underestimated
and the acquisition achieves community goals declared by the public, stated in the Town of
Creston’s OCP and framed in Council’s strategic priorities. We will work diligently to ensure that these
community assets are self-sustaining over the long term, that community benefits are maximized and that
community resiliency is fostered.”

All parties congratulate the public for their participation in democracy for public education and
acknowledge that their voices were heard resulting in efforts to achieve a positive solution for all.

For more information, please contact:
Lou Varela, Creston Town Manager
Mayor Toyota, Town of Creston
Christine Perkins, Superintendent of Schools SD8 – Kootenay Lake
Lenora Trenaman, Board Chair