AbEd Newsletter from the District Aboriginal Team

Hello friends!

Happy Holidays from the District Aboriginal Team (we got DAT! 🙂 )

Please find the below the winter edition of our newsletter to distribute to staff, families, and students. We’ve included a special holiday greeting at the back. Thank you so much to everyone for contributing beautiful stories to help celebrate our students and great staff!

Please also find two PDF’s that go together for a calendar gifted to us from Karen Smith from Lower Kootenay Band Education Department. We are so happy to have received this gift and we are allowed to pass this around to all 🙂

Have a safe and beautiful holiday season!

AB ED Newsletter – December 2018

Calendar for print


Danica Weager, MC, CCC
District Indigenization Coordinator, Aboriginal Education School District #8
570 Johnstone Road, Nelson, BC, V1L 6J2 Cell Phone: (250) 505 9032
Email: danica.weager@sd8.bc.ca
Website: https://sd8learns.sd8.bc.ca/abed/

BC Mininstry of Education

From the Ministry of Education: B.C. Graduation Program Finalized

The B.C. Graduation Program has been finalized. For your reference, the B.C. Graduation Program Implementation Guide and the B.C. Graduation Program Policy Guide are now available on the Ministry’s Graduation web page: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/support/graduation

Thank you for your collaboration in and support of this effort. The Ministry will continue to work with education partners and stakeholders as it implements B.C.’s Graduation Program.

Please see the Grad Programs News Release for additional information: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2018EDUC0072-002417


Carol Singing

The Wildflower Creston class has been working with TAPS (Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors) on a number of collaborative projects.  One of the projects involved the singing of Christmas carols throughout the Creston community.  Yesterday the students and seniors shared their voices with PCSS school.

They have 3 more sessions before the break, and you are more than welcome to come and watch!

Wednesday, Dec 5 – Pealows Independent Grocery at 11:30 am
Tuesday, Dec 10  – Save-On- Foods at 11:30 am
Thursday, Dec 12, at the walk through by Panago Pizza at 11:30 am


Receive Money for your Child’s RESP

Receive $1,200 toward a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for children between six and nine years old.
There are no additional fees or financial contributions needed to receive the $1,200 B.C. Training and Education Savings Grant through one of 56 banks or financial institutions in Canada. This allows parents and families who cannot currently afford to put money aside to start a RESP. Even the smallest investment can grow over time and make it easier to pursue post-secondary education and training.
Do not be one of the 40% of families who leave this grant unclaimed. Deadlines to apply for the provincial grant are fast approaching:
Children born in 2009 have until the day before their 9th birthday to apply.
Children born in 2010 have until their 9th birthday in 2019 to apply.
Children born in 2006 also have until Aug. 14th, 2019 to apply.

Receive up to $2,000 to invest in a RESP
Eligible families with modest incomes can receive up to $2,000 for each child’s RESP from the Canada Learning Bond. There are no fees and parents can receive this grant without making any additional financial contributions: For more information, visit: http://Canada.Ca/education-savings

Have personal RESP contributions matched by the Canadian government
The Canada Education Savings Grant will match parents’ contributions up to a maximum of $7,200 per child: http://Canada.Ca/education-savings

You can learn more at https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/support/bc-training-and-education-savings-grant

Passport to the Kootenays

Passport to the Kootenays

Nelson PAC is selling Passport to the Kootenay’s books. These books are loaded with coupons from local businesses in our Nelson and Creston areas and beyond (click to see the participating businesses). Two for one skiing, golf, attractions, restaurant discounts and more. If you would like a book for yourself or friends and family, please see Anne in the Office or send an e-mail to wildflower@sd8.bc.ca. If you want more than a few books, you can e-mail michcameron@gmail.com to arrange an order. Books are $45 each (cash or cheque payable to Wildflower PAC) With just one or two uses, the cost of the book is covered and the rest is a bonus where you can save money!


Kootenay Contraption Contest

The Kootenay Contraption Contest invites students in Grades K-8 to imagine, design and illustrate a “contraption” that solves a problem. Students love to ponder and come up with a design concept. Students have fun and can be creative with anything from art supplies, illustrations and even multimedia.
For more information, go to http://www.selkirk.ca/future-students/glows/kootenay-contraption-contest where you can also see last year’s winner from Creston.
You may download a contest form at http://www.selkirk.ca/sites/default/files/GLOWS/Glows-ContraptionContest-Form%202018.pdf or get one from Anne in the office.

xc ski

Cross Country Ski Days

The Nelson Nordic Ski Club (NNSC) will be facilitating x-country ski lessons for Wildflower School  again this year.
Dates: Fridays, February 8th & 15th and March 8th & 15th – 12:00 – 2:15 PM
Cost: $10.00 per child per lesson, including ski/boot/pole rentals
$8.00 per Parent per day*
Location: Apex X-Country Ski Area, located on Hwy 6 at the turn-off to Whitewater Ski Resort
Transportation: on own or by carpool

This program offers elementary school children an affordable opportunity to learn basic fundamental x-country classic skiing techniques within a fun, game oriented field trip format.

You can get a copy of the form at the school, or download a copy here: Wildflower X-Country Ski 2019


Whitewater Ski Days

Ski days are January 18, 25, February 1, 22, and March 1
Lessons are from 1:15 – 2:45 pm
Forms are due back by November 29.
You can download the form below, or pick one up at the school. Please note the coloured waiver form must also be filled out and will be available in the office.
Ski Form
Whitewater offers ski packages for students with financial need.  If you require financial assistance, please send a request to program coordinator Paula Pensiero at paula@baldface.com.

tipi blue blue sky

New Enhancement Agreement

School District 8 is working to create a new Enhancement Agreement which will support the success of our Aboriginal students in our schools. We would love to hear from community members, Elders, parents, and students. Please join us when we are in your community!

For more details, please see the Enhancement Agreement Community Dinner Poster – Nelson and Creston and visit https://sd8learns.sd8.bc.ca/abed/enhancement-agreement/


Allergy Alert

Dear Families,

This is to inform you that we have students in our school that have severe food allergies to peanuts. It is important that there is strict avoidance to this food in order to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. We are asking your help to provide these students with a safe school environment.

Any exposure to peanuts may cause a reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. To reduce the chance of this occurring, we ask that you do not send any peanut products that will be eaten at school with your child. If your child has eaten peanuts before coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands and face have been thoroughly washed before entering the school. We appreciate your support of these procedures.

We thank you so much for helping to keep all of our students safe at school.

Sacha Kalabis
Principal, Wildflower School


First Days of School!

Hello Wildflower families! As hard as it is to believe, summer break is almost over. We hope you had a very safe and happy summer, and look forward to seeing you in on September 4th!

PAC Welcome Back!
PAC is putting on a welcome back celebration on Sept 4th! You are welcome to come anytime after 8:00 am and mingle, meet new parents, and enjoy a cup of coffee or chai and a little snack. The kids are also welcome to join before classes start at 8:30. Please bring your own mugs.

Connect with PAC on Facebook!

First Day Schedule
September 4th (Tuesday) is a half day for the students with all classes start at 8:30 am. The buses at the end of the school day will run 3 hours earlier than usual.

Dismissal times on September 4th are:
Creston – 11:55 pm
Nelson Kindergarten Seedlings – 9:30 am
Nelson Grade 1 Seedlings – 11:45 pm
Nelson Elementary – 11:55 pm
Nelson Middle School – 12:00 pm

Bus Students
If your child will be taking the bus to and from school, you will need to register them with our transportation department.

More information and the student bus registration form may be found at http://www.sd8.bc.ca/schools/busing-transportation

Questions? Please call the transportation department:
Nelson – Phone: 250 354-4871
Creston – Phone: 250 428-5329

Parking and School Access
As you may have noticed over the summer, our parking lot is being dug up in preparation for the installation of an elevator. Please do not park in the school lot at any time, including the spaces outside of the gym.
There is a pick up and drop off area along Stanley Street, and parking in the residential areas. Thanks for your cooperation.

Please use the main entrance (facing Stanley St.) when entering or leaving the school.

Important Dates
September 4 – First day of the 2017/18 School year
September 5 – Nelson Assembly 11:00 am – Parents are welcome to attend
September 19 – First PAC meeting at Wildflower Nelson – all are welcome!
September 20 – 21 – Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School
October 8 – Thanksgiving – No School
November 12 – Remembrance Day Stat
December 17 – No School – Winter Vacation
January 7 – School Reopens after Winter Vacation

The full district calendar for WFS is at http://www.sd8.bc.ca/sites/default/files/2018_19_WILDFLOWER_Calendar_Approved.pdf
We will also add events to the calendar on our website at http://wildflower.sd8.bc.ca/events/


Potential Expansion of Wildflower Program in Creston!

Following our most recent meeting with some of the current and prospective families in Creston on June 5th we have decided to proceed with the next step in exploring a second classroom at Wildflower in Creston!

This involves opening the registration/transfer process for the Wildflower programming. Spaces may be available for children in grades Kindergarten through grade 7. This is an exciting opportunity for growth of our program in Creston. As indicated, to facilitate this and the possibility of future expansion, we would re-locate the program to two adjacent classrooms in a separate wing at the PCSS Campus.

In order for us to proceed on to the next step, we need to have solid commitments from families regarding attending our program next year, showing enough registrations or transfers to confirm viability of a second class. Spaces for 20 new students are potentially available.

As existing Wildflower families, the following does not apply to you, but we are sending it along so you are aware of the process and the timeline for the next step.

The registration and transfers process for this new class will be open until June 15th only. Those who want their child(ren) to attend Wildflower in Creston need to have all forms in no later than 8:00 am on June 15. If we do not have enough registrations and/or transfers in place by June 15, the new class may not go ahead. Transfer forms will be date stamped only upon receipt of all documentation.

Please note, students already in an SD8 school do not need to register, but we will need a transfer form completed and signed by you (we will look after obtaining school signatures). If your child is home-schooled, or in a school that is not part of SD8, you will need to complete both forms. If you are unsure of anything, please contact Anne in the office at wildflower@sd8.bc.ca or 250-505-7020.

The forms may be  accessed on the SD8 website at http://www.sd8.bc.ca/?p=1944.

If the class does not proceed, all forms will be destroyed and your child will remain at their current school or with their current educational program.

If you have any further questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us any time.

Thanks, and we hope you have a great weekend!

Sacha Kalabis
Wildflower School


Anne Cavicchi
SD8 Secretary
Wildflower School
811 Stanley Street
Nelson, BC  V1L 1N8
Phone:  (250) 505-7020