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New Enhancement Agreement

School District 8 is working to create a new Enhancement Agreement which will support the success of our Aboriginal students in our schools. We would love to hear from community members, Elders, parents, and students. Please join us when we are in your community!

For more details, please see the Enhancement Agreement Community Dinner Poster – Nelson and Creston and visit https://sd8learns.sd8.bc.ca/abed/enhancement-agreement/


Allergy Alert

Dear Families,

This is to inform you that we have students in our school that have severe food allergies to peanuts. It is important that there is strict avoidance to this food in order to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. We are asking your help to provide these students with a safe school environment.

Any exposure to peanuts may cause a reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. To reduce the chance of this occurring, we ask that you do not send any peanut products that will be eaten at school with your child. If your child has eaten peanuts before coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands and face have been thoroughly washed before entering the school. We appreciate your support of these procedures.

We thank you so much for helping to keep all of our students safe at school.

Sacha Kalabis
Principal, Wildflower School


First Days of School!

Hello Wildflower families! As hard as it is to believe, summer break is almost over. We hope you had a very safe and happy summer, and look forward to seeing you in on September 4th!

PAC Welcome Back!
PAC is putting on a welcome back celebration on Sept 4th! You are welcome to come anytime after 8:00 am and mingle, meet new parents, and enjoy a cup of coffee or chai and a little snack. The kids are also welcome to join before classes start at 8:30. Please bring your own mugs.

Connect with PAC on Facebook!

First Day Schedule
September 4th (Tuesday) is a half day for the students with all classes start at 8:30 am. The buses at the end of the school day will run 3 hours earlier than usual.

Dismissal times on September 4th are:
Creston – 11:55 pm
Nelson Kindergarten Seedlings – 9:30 am
Nelson Grade 1 Seedlings – 11:45 pm
Nelson Elementary – 11:55 pm
Nelson Middle School – 12:00 pm

Bus Students
If your child will be taking the bus to and from school, you will need to register them with our transportation department.

More information and the student bus registration form may be found at http://www.sd8.bc.ca/schools/busing-transportation

Questions? Please call the transportation department:
Nelson – Phone: 250 354-4871
Creston – Phone: 250 428-5329

Parking and School Access
As you may have noticed over the summer, our parking lot is being dug up in preparation for the installation of an elevator. Please do not park in the school lot at any time, including the spaces outside of the gym.
There is a pick up and drop off area along Stanley Street, and parking in the residential areas. Thanks for your cooperation.

Please use the main entrance (facing Stanley St.) when entering or leaving the school.

Important Dates
September 4 – First day of the 2017/18 School year
September 5 – Nelson Assembly 11:00 am – Parents are welcome to attend
September 19 – First PAC meeting at Wildflower Nelson – all are welcome!
September 20 – 21 – Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School
October 8 – Thanksgiving – No School
November 12 – Remembrance Day Stat
December 17 – No School – Winter Vacation
January 7 – School Reopens after Winter Vacation

The full district calendar for WFS is at http://www.sd8.bc.ca/sites/default/files/2018_19_WILDFLOWER_Calendar_Approved.pdf
We will also add events to the calendar on our website at http://wildflower.sd8.bc.ca/events/


Potential Expansion of Wildflower Program in Creston!

Following our most recent meeting with some of the current and prospective families in Creston on June 5th we have decided to proceed with the next step in exploring a second classroom at Wildflower in Creston!

This involves opening the registration/transfer process for the Wildflower programming. Spaces may be available for children in grades Kindergarten through grade 7. This is an exciting opportunity for growth of our program in Creston. As indicated, to facilitate this and the possibility of future expansion, we would re-locate the program to two adjacent classrooms in a separate wing at the PCSS Campus.

In order for us to proceed on to the next step, we need to have solid commitments from families regarding attending our program next year, showing enough registrations or transfers to confirm viability of a second class. Spaces for 20 new students are potentially available.

As existing Wildflower families, the following does not apply to you, but we are sending it along so you are aware of the process and the timeline for the next step.

The registration and transfers process for this new class will be open until June 15th only. Those who want their child(ren) to attend Wildflower in Creston need to have all forms in no later than 8:00 am on June 15. If we do not have enough registrations and/or transfers in place by June 15, the new class may not go ahead. Transfer forms will be date stamped only upon receipt of all documentation.

Please note, students already in an SD8 school do not need to register, but we will need a transfer form completed and signed by you (we will look after obtaining school signatures). If your child is home-schooled, or in a school that is not part of SD8, you will need to complete both forms. If you are unsure of anything, please contact Anne in the office at wildflower@sd8.bc.ca or 250-505-7020.

The forms may be  accessed on the SD8 website at http://www.sd8.bc.ca/?p=1944.

If the class does not proceed, all forms will be destroyed and your child will remain at their current school or with their current educational program.

If you have any further questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us any time.

Thanks, and we hope you have a great weekend!

Sacha Kalabis
Wildflower School


Anne Cavicchi
SD8 Secretary
Wildflower School
811 Stanley Street
Nelson, BC  V1L 1N8
Phone:  (250) 505-7020


Parents ask for Wildflower expansion

Parents of Wildflower students in the Creston Education Centre say there is enough demand to add another class to the program in the fall.

“This request is being made, as we currently have a waitlist of 17 potential students, and they would like the opportunity to join the Wildflower School,” the Creston Wildflower Parent Group said in a letter to be presented at the Tuesday’s board of school trustees meeting. “We are aware of other families who have shown interest, but have not pursued the option due to uncertainties in the facility. The interested students are a mix of children already enrolled in SD8 schools, as well as children that would be new to the district.”

See the full article at https://www.crestonvalleyadvance.ca/news/parents-ask-for-wildflower-expansion/


Creston Wildflower “Metis Kitchen Party”

Creston Wildflower students participated in a “Metis Kitchen Party” with Amy Cross on April 26. This fast paced morning was filled with hands on learning fun! As some of our students have already researched the fur trade and many other related Metis experiences, this experience was an enrichment to previous learning in Social Studies.

· Students were introduced to the Metis history and culture through oral teaching and hands on learning.
· Students discovered and practiced many practical uses for the Metis sash.
· Students examined many types of furs – bison, fox, squirrel, mink, ermine, beaver
· Students learned about trapping culture and witnessed several types of traps set and sprung. (safety first!)
· Students learned how to play the spoons and how to dance the Metis Jig
· Students observed Bannock making and celebrated with a cultural pot lunch including elk stew, huckleberry bannock and all our own family favourite lunch items.



popsicle stick bridge

Popsicle Stick Bridges

On April 14th, 2018 a number of Wildflower students from the Creston and Nelson campuses participated in the 2018 popsicle bridge building competition.  Using a bridge-building kit that includes 100 popsicle sticks and glue, children, youth and adults craft bridges that they hope can withstand the most force during a load-testing competition. The Popsicle Bridge Building Contest is hosted by the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC West Kootenay Branch at the West Kootenay & Boundary Regional Science Fair.

Students from Creston Wildflower participated along with students from grades 2-8 from Nelson Wildflower.  Congratulations to all those students who participated, placed (Griff, Locke, and Liam placing in the top 3 for their age groups! Way to go!) and walked home with a draw prize.  We are proud of you all!


World Food Project

The kids in Creston took part in a World Food Project, making Habitant Soup, along with their teachers Linda and Shamim.

This was the culminating project for their grade 1-3 food and culture unit. They began with the book “Everybody Serves Soup” by Norah Dooley as a basis for discussion –  looking at food cultures in Japan, Puerto Rico, Southern U.S., and Ukraine. They then looked inward at Canadian culture, and decided on creating Habitant Pea Soup. They used Pen Pal School’s “Food and Culture” project as a platform of sharing what they’d learned.

To find out more, check out the videos at https://drive.google.com/file/d/10aJKddxiDBQTqu3HsyJuB0Y8umIN6Eio/view and https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SKFiSEj7_giWxUMHys9CoDjT2SUBWNn0/view



Creston Education Centre

The Board of Education of SD8 – (Kootenay Lake), the Town of Creston, and the Regional District of Central
Kootenay Electoral Areas A, B and C are pleased to announce that they have agreed on a collaborative
solution for the Creston Education Centre and associated programming, as well as the lands and premises
located at 1607 and 1621 Canyon Street.

SD8 Chairperson, Lenora Trenaman, says, “The Town of Creston, with the support of the RDCK Electoral
Areas A, B and C, made an offer to purchase the Creston Education Centre and the Board of Education SD8
– (Kootenay Lake) has accepted it. We are thrilled to be able to continue with the programs we currently
have and they will remain hosted in the CEC. The School District No. 8 programs include Creston Homelinks,
Creston Wildflower, Strong Start and our Itinerant services. Thank you to the community of Creston for
sharing their letters, attending our public meetings, and letting us know how important our programs are
to you.”

Mayor Toyota says, “This solution represents a win for all parties involved and most importantly the
community at large. It would not have been possible without the support and efforts of the participating
RDCK Electoral Area Directors. The importance of retaining CEC as an education hub cannot be underestimated
and the acquisition achieves community goals declared by the public, stated in the Town of
Creston’s OCP and framed in Council’s strategic priorities. We will work diligently to ensure that these
community assets are self-sustaining over the long term, that community benefits are maximized and that
community resiliency is fostered.”

All parties congratulate the public for their participation in democracy for public education and
acknowledge that their voices were heard resulting in efforts to achieve a positive solution for all.

For more information, please contact:
Lou Varela, Creston Town Manager
Mayor Toyota, Town of Creston
Christine Perkins, Superintendent of Schools SD8 – Kootenay Lake
Lenora Trenaman, Board Chair


Heritage Fair in Creston

On March 7th and 8th – the Creston Wildflower students participated in a school BC Heritage fair. Over the course of several months, as part of the homeschooling component of their program, the students research a topic in Canadian history and become experts in their field. A key objective of the project is to encourage students to become curious about Canadian history and to deepen their understanding of the present by engaging with and questioning the past. Topics this year include an exploration of: the draft dodgers, Canadian aircraft, Canadian pirates, local trapping lines etc… Each year Wildflower Creston has some students who qualify for the regional fair and in some years some students make their way to representing School District 8 at the provincials.  


Travel to India

An Experience of a lifetime in INDIA for 2 weeks as part of an SD#8 intercultural exchange program

What are the expectations for students and their families:
– Domestic students will be expected to pay their own flight and have their own spending money while in India.
– Each domestic student will have a host student from India who will be hosted in their home for two weeks in July, 2016. The domestic student must be available to take part in activities with their host student during this time.
– Each domestic student will be part of a team who together with the sponsor teachers and the International Program Administrator will plan and execute summer activities to do with the Indian students when they are in Nelson.
– Prepare and deliver presentations for classes or in the community after the return from India.
How to apply: First step
Please send an email of interest, stating your name, grade, school, and state why you would like to go to India to Sandy Prentice – sprentice@sd8.bc.ca. emails need to be received by Sandy Prentice no later than February 19th, 2018.

The Taj Mahal – the first group

Dancing in India – the crowd of 800 loved us
Who are the teacher sponsors for this trip? Jenn Kidd, Claire Hewson, Kathy Centrone.
Who can take part? Any students in any part of SD#8 who are in grades 9-11. How does it work? This is a cultural exchange program which means you are partnered with a student in India and they will live with you while they are here in June/July 2018, and you will live with them while you are in India for almost two weeks in December 2018.
How do I show that I am interested and would like my name put on a list of participants? Send an email of interest as previously outlined in this document and then attend the information evening which will be announced to you by Sandy Prentice after receiving your email of interest.
How much will it cost? You will only need to pay for your spending money and your flight from Castlegar to New Dehli – return – approximately $2000.00
Our partner school will be:
An elite private school in India that offers both day students and boarding for students. This school came highly recommended to us by one of the consulate employees, Ivy Learner Frank, who worked for the Canadian Consulate General in India. School: Rishikul Vidyapeeth School in Sonepat, www.rishikulvidyapeeth.edu.in


Pink T-Shirt Day – February 28

It is so important that victims of bullying know they are not alone and there is help and support available. Wearing a pink shirt on this day sends a strong message to them that others care.
Often, the simple act of wearing a shirt can start conversations, and conversations can be a big step towards healing and helping!

Why a Pink T-Shirt?
The idea comes from two incredible Nova Scotia high school students in 2007. When a fellow student was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt, they decided to take a stand. They went out and bought pink shirts to give to fellow students to show their support for a boy who was being bullied simply for wearing a pink shirt.
We are proud to be able to carry on the with their message through our own program here! The Pink T-Shirt Day Society is a local volunteer non-profit organization with all the money raised going to provide free t-shirts to schools in our area and to anti-bullying initiatives.  This year, over 1200 T-Shirts are being distributed free of charge to SD8 and SD20 schools!
If you would like to buy a shirt to help support the initiative, please go to www.nobullies.ca or see Anne in the office.

Kindness starts here!


The Flu

We have had a lot of students away with flu symptoms this week.
Interior Health has the following information to share:



PDF File on influenza

Thank you for keeping your children home when they are ill. Please remember to call the office to let us know when your child will be absent. We hope everyone gets well soon!