WFS Samba Band

Wildflower Nelson students were treated to a performance by the student Samba Band yesterday.

The band then proceeded down to Baker Street where they raised over $85 in just 30 minutes! All funds were donated to the Salvation Army red bucket.

Traditional nut cracker with defocused Christmas lights background

The Nutcracker

We have a number of Wildflower kids performing in this very special benefit concert! Come see Kaya, Maisie, Imogen, Enna, Paloma, Sasha, Bea, Myra, and Linnea perform! Entrance is by donation and monies raised will go to “Nelson and Area Friends of the Family”, a local foundation that provides financial aid to assist with travel and accommodation costs for families with children who must travel to receive medical treatment.

Doors open at 6:30, the show is at 7:00 pm
The St. Joseph School Choir will be outside to add to the general merriment!
Running time. Approx 1 hour. Family friendly!
In an ambitious cross community project of children helping children, eleven pianists and approximately eighty-eight dancers, aged 5–17 years old, are joining together to present excerpts from Tchaikowsky’s beloved “Nutcracker Suite”. The young and enthusiastic performers are piano students of Anne Macdonald and dance students of Slava Doval’s DanceFusion, Renee Salisiccioli’s Kootenay DanceWorks from Rossland and Glynis Waring’s Kaslo Dance Studio.


Carol Singing

The Wildflower Creston class has been working with TAPS (Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors) on a number of collaborative projects.  One of the projects involved the singing of Christmas carols throughout the Creston community.  Yesterday the students and seniors shared their voices with PCSS school.

They have 3 more sessions before the break, and you are more than welcome to come and watch!

Wednesday, Dec 5 – Pealows Independent Grocery at 11:30 am
Tuesday, Dec 10  – Save-On- Foods at 11:30 am
Thursday, Dec 12, at the walk through by Panago Pizza at 11:30 am


Poets at the Podium

The Seedlings have been learning about poems as we went to Cottonwood Falls to ‘catch a poem’ and map out the sounds of the creek.  The children have been busy making lovely poems from that experience.  When they are done, they go up to the podium in the classroom, knock on the wood to get everyone’s attention, someone hollers “Poet at the Podium!” and everyone listens to the poem.  Many students are reading their own writing!  Some are practicing being brave, and get a little reminder of their words and others are still checking it out.  Pretty soon I think we will open it up to all the stories they write.


Visit from Author Lee Reid

Local author Lee Reid spent time this week with a group of Grade 6-8 students sharing her passion for writing and storytelling. Students peppered Lee with fantastic questions about inspirations to write, how to get better, the process of self-publishing, and what was it like to work with a group of LVR teens and seniors on her latest book! Much gratitude to Lee for her sharing her wisdom and experience.

tree ring

Tree Medicines and the Seedlings

The Seedlings learned about tree medicines with Jenna! Strength, heart, grounding are some of the gifts and medicines trees give. Students were able to see how we are related to the trees through the pattern of the tree growth rings. Students were able to identify that you can find the tree ring patterns in our belly buttons, our eyes and our finger prints!


Cottonwood Lake

Kirsten’s class had a great day out at Cottonwood Lake. It was cold and wet, but lots of fun was had: playing in the snow, learning about the importance of animals in Indigenous cultures, finding our totem animal and building them out of snow, and drumming. The children were troopers!


Receive Money for your Child’s RESP

Receive $1,200 toward a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for children between six and nine years old.
There are no additional fees or financial contributions needed to receive the $1,200 B.C. Training and Education Savings Grant through one of 56 banks or financial institutions in Canada. This allows parents and families who cannot currently afford to put money aside to start a RESP. Even the smallest investment can grow over time and make it easier to pursue post-secondary education and training.
Do not be one of the 40% of families who leave this grant unclaimed. Deadlines to apply for the provincial grant are fast approaching:
Children born in 2009 have until the day before their 9th birthday to apply.
Children born in 2010 have until their 9th birthday in 2019 to apply.
Children born in 2006 also have until Aug. 14th, 2019 to apply.

Receive up to $2,000 to invest in a RESP
Eligible families with modest incomes can receive up to $2,000 for each child’s RESP from the Canada Learning Bond. There are no fees and parents can receive this grant without making any additional financial contributions: For more information, visit: http://Canada.Ca/education-savings

Have personal RESP contributions matched by the Canadian government
The Canada Education Savings Grant will match parents’ contributions up to a maximum of $7,200 per child: http://Canada.Ca/education-savings

You can learn more at

Can You Help

AC/DC Adaptors

Do you have any old AC/DC adaptors laying around similar to the one below? Heather’s class is looking for some! Input 120V, Output 12-15V, 800 or more MA – doesn’t matter what kind of end is on them. You can drop them off in Heather’s class or at the office.

Passport to the Kootenays

Passport to the Kootenays

Nelson PAC is selling Passport to the Kootenay’s books. These books are loaded with coupons from local businesses in our Nelson and Creston areas and beyond (click to see the participating businesses). Two for one skiing, golf, attractions, restaurant discounts and more. If you would like a book for yourself or friends and family, please see Anne in the Office or send an e-mail to If you want more than a few books, you can e-mail to arrange an order. Books are $45 each (cash or cheque payable to Wildflower PAC) With just one or two uses, the cost of the book is covered and the rest is a bonus where you can save money!


Advocacy: Parents Helping Parents

Sometimes our children face difficult problems or situations at school which they are unable to cope. It could be a problem with a teacher, bullying, or a rule that seems unfair.

Parents find these difficult issues to deal with, feel intimidated by school officials or fear if we speak out our child might suffer. We feel frustrated because we’re not sure how to support our children in these situations, yet know we should.

You’re not alone…..we can help……..

The Kootenay Lake District Parents’ Advisory Council (DPAC) is proud to help parents’ and students’ to be heard and problem solve in a positive way, as well as ensure children and youth are treated fairly with dignity and respect, allowed to express their views, and participate in decisions that affect them.

Kootenay Lake school district parents can contact DPAC, free of charge, for information and support about who to approach with a problem and how best to try to resolve it. Contact our volunteer parent advocates via email – the link is at the end of this section.

​All correspondence is completely confidential.

Our volunteer Advocates are available to assist you by:

  • listening to your concerns
  • suggesting resources and information
  • suggesting options for resolution
  • helping you to develop a plan for addressing the concerns
  • helping you to improve your skills so you can be more effective advocate for you child
  • attend meetings with you and your child for support

And can help you problem solve by:

  • directing you to who you should talk to
  • informing you of what school district policies relate to your concerns
  • explaining how the school system works
  • informing you of your educational rights and responsibilities
  • informing you of what options are available for addressing your concerns
  • helping you effectively communicate to resolve a concern at the school
  • informing of who to contact if the system doesn’t work for you or your child

The goal of Advocacy is to ensure the issue at hand is addressed, by helping parents and students to:

  • be heard
  • receive fair treatment on the basis of law, policy, or procedure, and
  • understand the decision made

The Kootenay Lake DPAC believes:

  • You are your child’s best natural advocate
  • You can make sure your child’s rights, needs and opinions are respected
  • You can make sure that decisions affecting your child are made fairly
  • You can be your child’s best advocate because no one knows your situation like you do

“Students and parents who learn to advocate for themselves gain an understanding of their rights and responsibilities. They develop the courage to stand up for themselves and know how to approach problem solving in an appropriate way.” From Speaking Up!, A parent’s guide to advocating for students in public schools

Contact our volunteer parent advocates via email. All correspondence is completely confidential.
You can contact us here. (note: if clicking on this link does not open up your email, try right clicking on the highlighted text and choosing ‘copy email address’. Then you can paste the address into your email)

See below for several useful advocacy resources including “Speaking Up!”

Speaking Up! 2008
Download File

Meaningful Consultation With Parents
Download File

Problem Solving Guide Mar 2017
Download File

Meeting Survival Guide
Download File

Sd8 Student & Parent Appeals
Download File

SD8 Communication Protocol Mar 2017
Download File

Parent Advocacy 101 March 2017
Download File

Student Violence Threat/Risk Assessment: Fair Notice and Process
The SD8 brochure outline the process involved in a threat/risk assessment can be found in this PDF document. It can also be found here.

Download File

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Kootenay Contraption Contest

The Kootenay Contraption Contest invites students in Grades K-8 to imagine, design and illustrate a “contraption” that solves a problem. Students love to ponder and come up with a design concept. Students have fun and can be creative with anything from art supplies, illustrations and even multimedia.
For more information, go to where you can also see last year’s winner from Creston.
You may download a contest form at or get one from Anne in the office.