Heartbeet 2019

WMYP students made borscht for the Nelson Community Food Cupboard and delivered it to them today.  The students collected donations at the Kootenay Coop – so it really is a community effort! Such a great thing!


Art Starts – Zoom into Wonder

The past weeks have seen the students in Nelson working with the ArtStarts program on a project called “Zoom into Wonder”.  Using a jeweler’s loupe, the students magnified and explore everything from the back of their hands, to an amethyst crystal, to a kernel of popcorn – then created art! You can see the results of their work in our main entry this week.



Metis Honouring Ceremony

On November 21, we gathered to honour our Metis brothers and sisters, and raised a flag to honour Louis Riel Day.

Who are the Metis people?

  • The Historic Métis emerged as a distinct people and nation on the plains of western North America during the late 1700’s. Metis people typically have Cree or Ojibwe and French or Scottish ancestry. They developed a culture that was not European nor First Nations but rather a fusion of the two cultures.
  • Métis have been documented in BC as early as 1793
  • Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) was established in 1996 as the representative organization for Métis in BC.
  • In our district, we are honoured to have many teachings shared by our Metis Elders. Crawford Bay students know our dear Elder, Donna Wright. Another Elder that supports us a lot in our school district is Elder Bob Adams. We also are very supported by Elder Don Courson who is the president of the Nelson and Area Metis, as well as knowledge keeper Maurice Trudel.

Louis Riel Day

  • On November 16th, we celebrate Louis Riel Day.
  • He was a famous Metis leader.
  • One of his titles was “The Father of Manitoba”
  • He negotiated Manitoba’s entry into Canada in 1871.
  • Louis Riel was elected to Parliament 3 times, but never took his seat. He returned to the Northwest at the request of the Métis during the initial stages of the Northwest Resistance in 1884.
  • Following the defeat of the Métis at Batoche, Riel was tried for treason. His lawyers tried to plea insanity as his defense, but Louis Riel denied those claims. He was found guilty of High Treason in May 1885.
  • Despite the jury recommending leniency, he was sentenced to hang. During his own life, Riel was recognized as the father of Manitoba and is currently acknowledged to be a founding father of Confederation in Canada.
  • In addition to advocating for Métis rights, Riel also fought for greater religious freedom, French language rights, First Nations rights, and greater gender equality throughout the Northwest. Riel died as an advocate for the Métis and as a defender of minority rights in general.
  • It is Riel’s legacy that continues to attract Métis to remember the ideals and values that he died defending. For that reason, Métis across the homeland commemorate the anniversary of his death, as opposed to the day he was born.
  • Louis Riel Day is a day to celebrate the lasting culture and impact that Métis have had on Canadian society. It is a day to recount that Métis have long advocated democracy and freedom of expression for all Canadians.

Fun Facts about the Metis. Did you know….

  • Métis people have their own unique culture. It is n mixture of cultures of the First Nations, French Canadian, English, and Orkney/Scottish.
  • The Métis are known for their love of fiddle playing, but traditional instruments also included the concertina, the harmonica, and the hand drum.
  • Metis people have a style of dancing called jigging. Traditionally, dancing included such moves as the Waltz Quadrille, the Square dance, Drops of Brandy, the Duck, La Double Gigue and the Red River Jig.
  • Metis people were famous for their horsemanship and breeding of horses
  • Métis people have their own language called “Michif”. This language was a result of the combining of French nouns and Cree verbs.
  • One item of clothing worn by Métis people is the sash. It is traditionally about three metres in length and is made by weaving yarn together with one’s fingers. The sash is worn around the waist, tied in the middle, with the fringed ends hanging.

Famous Metis People

  • Today we are learning about Louis Riel. Two other famous Métis leaders were Cuthbert Grant and Gabriel Dumont.
  • Tantoo Cardinal, actress; of Métis and Cree ancestry
  • Jon Gallant, bassist for the Canadian band Billy Talent
  • Kinnie Starr, musician
  • Actor August Schellenberg is of Métis descent (Free Willy and Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee)
  • Metis writer and filmmaker Maria Campbell has shown the sound and song of traditional stories through her work
  • On May 7, 2004, Métis Todd Ducharme became a judge of the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Other well known Canadians of Métis descent are Sharon Bruneau, a Canadian female bodybuilder and fitness model
  • British Columbia New Democratic Party Leader Carole James is of partly Métis ancestry.
  • NHL star defenceman Sheldon Souray is of Métis ancestry.
  • Former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is of partly Métis ancestry.
  • Canadian Professional Wrestler Ben Saulnier, better known for his ring name Jake Benson, is a Métis from Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada.



Climate Change Video Contest

A prize of $400 will be awarded to the top video in each category (teacher, administrator and student) to support a Climate Action Project in their school!

Do you know an amazing teacher, administrator or student who is passionate about climate change and would want to share their story with Canadians for a chance to win $400 to put towards a Climate Action Project?

Learning for a Sustainable Future, Lakehead University and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation are launching a video competition to hear from educators and students from across Canada about why climate change education is important to them and what they are doing to address climate change, personally and in their school. We are encouraging every passionate Canadian to tell their story!

Ten videos will be selected to be rolled out as part of a national social media campaign through LSF and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation and their member provincial/territorial associations.

Learn more here!


Reconfiguration of Trafalgar and LVR

Parents and caregivers are invited to join the conversation about reconfiguration of grades at our Middle and Secondary schools in Nelson.
Thursday, December 5
Trafalgar Middle School
All are welcome.
For more information:
• LV Rogers is at capacity
• Trafalgar has space
• Let’s discuss the idea of LV Rogers being
a Grad School – Grades 10-12
• Trafalgar Grades 6-9, beginning 2020-2021
“Come out to help us generate solutions to address the
imbalance in school capacity for the long-term sustainability
of our facilities in Nelson.”
– Dr. Christine Perkins, Superintendent of Schools/CEO


Snow Pass for Students in Grade 4 & 5

With a SnowPass You Get:
Including Whistler Blackcomb, Lake Louise, Blue Mountain, Mont Tremblant, and more!

That’s over 250 possible lift passes!

Two seasons if you apply in Grade 4.
One season if you apply in Grade 5.

All you need is a digital photo and proof of age to qualify.

It pays for itself after the first visit.

NOTE: Standardized blackout dates in place for December 27-29, 2019 and Family Day, February 17, 2020.

More information at



Holiday Fundraiser 2019

This fundraiser is now closed.

The PAC is excited to offer this fundraiser to Wildflower families and their friends – No.6 Coffee and Wildflower honey and candles, and wax wraps all crafted locally. Orders are due Monday, December 2nd in Anne’s office (Nelson), or in class (Creston). Products will be distributed on Thursday, December 12th.

You may download the form here: 2019 Wildflower Holiday Season Fundraiser form

No.6 Coffee
Coffee is the Sonic Youth Blend, and is locally roasted fair trade coffee. These are 12 ounce bags, whole beans. Cost $16/bag. More info about No.6 Coffee at

Wildflower Honey and Candles

Honey is collected by Swan Valley Honey, a family-owned business who source their honey from local beehives spread throughout the Creston Valley. Honey bees thrive on local wildflowers, clover and alfalfa. The honey is pure and unpasteurized, and comes in jars with a special Wildflower label. The candles are made from pure beeswax. More information about Swan Valley Honey

Busy Bree’s Wax Wraps
Locally made. Perfect for wrapping sandwiches, leftovers & making a small snack pouch. Kitchen Buddy Pack includes 3 wraps: 1 – 6×6”, 1  – 8”x8”, and 1 – 10”x10”. Lunches & Leftover’s Pack includes 2 wraps: 1 – 8”x8” and 1 – 12”x12”. More info about Busy Bree at


Wildflower Whitewater Ski Days 2020

Wildflower Ski Days have been booked for the following Fridays this winter: January 17, January 31, February 7, February 21, February 28, and March 6. Lessons are from 1:15-2:45pm

Please fill out the form and color waiver, below (they must be in colour, copies are also available in the office) and return it to Anne in the office. DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 28th.

Whitewater Parental Consent Waiver 1920 (must be in colour)

Wildflower Ski 2020

Whitewater offers a limited number of ski packages for students with financial need. If you require financial assistance, please send a request to program coordinator Paula Pensiero at


Haiku Contest from JAL

Japan Airlines (JAL) and JAL Foundation, organizers of this contest in Tokyo, Japan would like to invite school students under the age of 15 the opportunity to participate in the “World Children’s Haiku Contest 2019-2020”.

2019 World Haiku application form

2019 World Haiku contest details

Since the establishment of the JAL Foundation in 1990, we at JAL have been proudly sponsoring “The World Children’s Haiku Contest” every two years.  This biennial contest is intended for children all over the world and contest details can be found on the JAL Foundation website at

Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry, typically characterized by a seasonal reference.  This time the theme is “Sports”, gearing up towards the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.  It is our wish to receive many haiku entries.

Should you have any questions, please contact Lisa Hamatake at

We look forward to seeing many wonderful works of haiku!

Yours sincerely,

Satoshi Abe
Vice President, Canada
Japan Airlines Regional Office Canada


Grocery Card FAQ’s


Order Forms: Printable or Online

What are the order, payment and and pickup dates for 2019/2020?

Payment Deadline Card Pick-up   Payment Deadline Card Pick-up
  Thurs Sept 19   Thurs Sept 26   Thurs Feb 20   Thurs Feb 27
  Thurs Oct 24   Thurs Oct 31   Thurs Mar 19   Thurs Mar 26
  Thurs Nov 21   Thurs Nov 28   Thurs Apr 23   Thurs Apr 30
  Thurs Dec 12   Thurs Dec 19   Thurs May 21   Thurs May 28
  Thurs Jan 23   Thurs Jan 30   Thurs Jun 11   Thurs June 18

Orders can be placed up to the payment deadline date.

How will the money raised be used?
The money raised from the grocery cards via Wildflower PAC helps fund a variety of requests made by students, staff and parent lead initiatives that are all centered around the enrichment of our school within the classroom, the extended learning spaces, outdoor equipment & spaces and field trips.  Some examples of what PAC has funded is the recent addition and make-over of our front entrance and round learning space.  PAC supports the middle school in their yearly trip to Shakesfest, supporting classroom materials and equipment for the betterment of student learning, providing funding for outdoor experiences and saving for playground expansion.

Requests are considered on an individual basis by a sub-financial committee that meets quarterly during the school year. The recommendations from this committee are then brought to the larger group of parent volunteers and PAC execute who hear the request and suggestions brought forth and then all present vote. This then provides an outcome of whether the request will be funded.

What Does PAC Do?
The PAC is comprised of Wildflower parents whom have volunteered their time in support of the whole school community.  The following list defines PACs role from their constitution, but PAC is really so much more and of vital importance to our school!  This fundraiser helps PAC raise money for the school that would not otherwise be supplied by the school district.
1. To foster a good working relationship and open communication between teachers, staff, administration and parents of all pupils both during and after school.

  1. To organize and coordinate extra-curricular activities for the students/families as mutually agreed upon by PAC and the staff.
  2. To earn money for the purpose of items deemed to be a desirable asset to the school, staff and/or children that are not otherwise supplied by the school district.
  3. To help parents understand various programs and policies of the school and to provide input and advice to the staff and administration where beneficial.
  4. To act as a liaison between the community and the school.

PAC meets once a month and all parents are welcome to join.

How can I pay?
You can pay by cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card.

Cash and post dated cheques can be submitted at the Wildflower office.  Post-dated cheques payable to “Wildflower PAC”.

For e-transfer payment, we will send you an Interac e-transfer request via email each month, which you will need to accept to make payment each month.

If paying by credit card, an invoice will be sent by PAC to your email with link to secure payment form;  you can choose to allow the secure payment processor (SquareTM) to save your card on file so you don’t have to enter your card information each month.  Payment by credit card is least preferred as we lose 3.4 % in processing fees; this means your order raises less money than the same order paid by other methods. However a credit card order is better than no order, the larger the order, the more money is raised.

Do Credit Card payments get charged automatically?
This depends on if you click the “Save Card on File” option when you pay the first invoice.    If you do, then Square will save your card information take an automatic payment each month on the due date.  If you don’t, then you will receive an emailed invoice each time and you can pay the invoice manually when you are ready.  So in other words, you get to choose 🙂

Can payment be made by direct debit (aka CAFT)
At this time we are not setup to take direct debit, also known as customer automated funds transfer (CAFT).   We are investigating moving to a direct debit system in the future.

Do the grocery cards expire?
None of the grocery cards have expiration dates. BC has specific laws prohibiting expiration dates on grocery cards.

Can the grocery cards be used online?
At this time neither the Kootenay Co-op nor Nelson Save-on offer online shopping.  In the future it may be possible to make on-line orders at Save-on.

Can I use a partial amount of the grocery card?
Yes, you can purchase any amount the remaining balance will remain on the card. Typically the cashier will write the remaining amount on the card so you know how much is left.  It is also printed on your receipt.

 What happens if I lose my grocery cards?
Grocery Story policy is that cards are equivalent to cash and cannot be tracked.  Wildflower and PAC are not responsible after the cards are in you or your child’s possession.

Can I return my grocery cards if I find I’m not using them?
We want this program to work well for everyone involved. If you purchased some grocery cards and find that you are no longer shopping at that store and not using the cards, contact to discuss options. We may be able to exchange the grocery cards for a different store.

What happens if my grocery card doesn’t work?
This has not happened to date, but if it does please contact and we will assist you.

Will I receive my store reward points (e.g. Air Miles, More Rewards, etc.) if paying by grocery card?
Yes, store reward points are given when making your purchase with the grocery cards (not when the school buys the grocery cards).

What stores can I buy cards from – and are you adding more?
We are currently selling cards from the Kootenay Co-Op and Save-On Foods. If there are requests we could approach other stores but it is not planned at this time.

When do I get charged?
Regardless of your method of payment, you will be charged on the Payment Deadline date listed under the first question of this FAQ.   If there is a problem with your payment, we will contact you.

How and When do I get my cards?
Cards can be picked up at the Wildflower School office or sent home with your child.  We will email notification when the cards are ready (they are often ready a few days before the official pick up date).

Can someone else pick up my cards for me?
Yep. Just let us know by emailing

When do I order?
Orders can be received anytime up to the payment deadline (see question 1).  If you select the boxes for each month, then you only need to put in one order for the entire year.

How do I change or cancel my order?
Yes, if received prior to the order/payment deadline. Just let us know by emailing

Do I have to make an order – can’t I just buy cards when I need them?
Because we receive such a small amount for each card sold, the best way to raise money is to have recurring orders.   However, the wildflower office has extra cards available for purchases anytime.

I can’t make a regular order – how can I participate?
You can make a one-time order at anytime for any month.  Or the wildflower office has extra cards available for purchases anytime.

Will I get a tax receipt?
The Wildflower PAC is not a registered charity so we cannot provide a tax receipt for the money raised with this fundraiser. In addition, all the money you spend gets you the same value in cards, so they wouldn’t be eligible for a tax receipt anyways.

xc ski

Cross Country Ski Form for 2020

Forms are due back before December 2, 2019 – Wildflower X-Country Ski 2020 Form

The Nelson Nordic Ski Club (NNSC) will be facilitating x-country ski lessons for Wildflower School this year.

January 10,  February 14, March 13

Time: 9:00 – 11:15 am
Cost: $12.00 per child per lesson, including ski/boot/pole rentals, $8.00 per parent if rental equipment is needed & you’re skiing with group
Location:  Apex X-Country Ski Area, located on Hwy 6 at the turn-off to Whitewater Ski Resort

Transportation: on own or by carpool

From the NNSC — This program offers elementary school children an affordable opportunity to learn basic fundamental x-country classic skiing techniques within a fun, game oriented field trip format.

** Parents wanting to ski on their own are more than welcome, you will purchase a trail pass at Apex.

Lessons will include:

  • Orientation in warming hut
  • Fitting for ski equipment
  • 3 sessions, on snow instruction and games
  • Hot drink and snacks in warming hut afterwards (provided by PAC/Parents)

PAC will provide hot chocolate for the participants at the end of each lesson, and parents can volunteer to provide a plate of baked goods or fruit for snack (ski co-ordinator will organize this).

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Nancy Liknes at or by phone at 250-551-6262.


Vaping Letter to Parents

From the Superintendent:

We are writing to inform you of the School District’s concern regarding the prevalence of students vaping on school property. Results from the 2018 BC Adolescent Health Survey show that 64% of students who had smoked used a vape pen or vape stick with nicotine, and 43% used a vape pen or stick without nicotine in the past month. This equated to 21% of all BC students vaping with nicotine and 19% without nicotine.
Recently, some students have had severe reactions to vapour products that required medical attention. District staff have a number of concerns and are asking for your help to stop a behavior that health officials are saying may lead to a new generation of youth addicted to nicotine. Read the full letter: Anti-Vaping Letter to Parents – November 13, 2019


Scholastic Book Orders for December

Your December book order will help the new Wildflower Library that will be opening in the New Year! Ordering online is easy! If you wish to order online, please go to, select Wildflower School, and then Cavicchi, Anne.

You will also be able to pick a FREE Book (worth $7 or less) when you place an online order of $30 or more. Use Code: CLIFFORD

You may also return a paper order form to the school if you prefer (but you won’t be able to select a free book). Deadline for ordering is November 22, 2019. If your order is a gift, we will let you know when it arrives for pickup.

Look at the flyers online at



Buses One Hour Early Nov 13-14

November 13, 2019  – November 14, 2019 
While there is no early dismissal for Wildflower students on these days, the buses at the end of the day will run one hour earlier than usual.
If your child takes the school bus, you will need to either pick up your child from school at the normal dismissal time, or arrange to pick them up 1 hour early from their bus drop off.
Please let us know in the office ( if your child we need to take the bus, or if you will be picking them up from school on these days.